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Modern Architecture

Founder and Principal:

Jaun Schoultz.

My Vision:

Our vision is to be a highly successful in electric renewable energy sector and to provide wide range of services in the field of power generation, transmission and distribution, electricity market and power quality.

Our mission is to deeply recognize the needs of our Clients who are constantly searching for the latest technologies and new ways to find the best affordable and suitable solution for sustainable energy.


We continuously develop our knowledge and expertise and apply them in helping our Clients in their business and personal home activities.

With 16 years career experience,divided in to multiple sectors of the electrical and energy field spanning from working on the electrical part of magor community development projects as well as large corporate projects, to the planning and installation of nemours solar solution to private and businesses.


we also find the latest new and up to date, efficient energy resources and tools that enable our Clients to strengthen their business efficiency and not to forget, provide the everyday user a sense of peace of mind. And, above all, we work together with our Clients and transfer our knowledge and experience through comprehensive training in a detailed explanation on product knowledge and step by step directions for the end user.

Our unique position and relations with the renewable energy system operators and power generation utilities in the region which gives us solid background to understand the specific challenges of the sustainable development of regional power systems respecting economic and environmental constraints.

As a Specialist contractor in the field of Solar PV Installations, we warrant the
installation will comply with strict adherence to the relevant code of practices namely:


Applicable Standards

  • SANS 10142-1:2020 The Wiring of a premises Low-Voltage Installations

  • SANS 10142-1-2:2020 PV Installation Procedures and Guidelines

  • SANS 62305-4:2011 Protection against lightning and Surge – Surge Arrestors and

       Earthing Regulations

Specialist Consultants
• Installation Audits
• Risk Assessments
• Survey Reports
• Detailed Designs
• AutoCAD Drawings
• Engineering (Design
and Commissioning)

Specialist Services
• Solar PV
• and Installations
• Off-Grid, Hybrid, and
Grid-Tie Systems
• Structural, Ground
mount, and Floating
solar installations

Ancillary Services
• Energy Metering
• Power Management
• Certificate of

Our Tailor Made Solutions

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