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Solar Panels
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Renewable Energy & Electrical Solutions

JaGo Solar Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Sunset on Solar Panels
  • ​Installation Audits

  • Risk Assessments

  • Survey Reports 

  • Detailed Designs

  • Auto CAD Drawings

  • Engineering (Design & Commissioning)

​• Solar PV
• and Installations
• Off-Grid, Hybrid, and
Grid-Tie Systems
• Structural, Ground
mount, and Floating
solar installations

• Energy Metering
• Power Management
• Certificate of

Pre-Built Packages - Back-Up Solutions

Overwhelmed with all the Online Options and services provided by the NUMEROUS Service Providers??

Select a Pre-Built and Hand Selected Solution in the form of an EASY Package that has been pre-Designed for you! Packages Range from Back-Up Only to Hybrid and Off-Grid Solutions!


We have Compiled Combo Packages - That also Vary in accordance with your demand. 

These Unique Packages range from:

5+5kW / 8+5kW / 8+10kW Back-Up Only Kits

5+5+2.73KW / 8+5+2.73/4.36kW / 8+10+4.36/6.54kW Solar Panels Included/Off-Grid Solutions


We accredit all Below Recommendations as tried and tested Solutions with Performance Guarantee! JaGo Solar Solutions Only Uses known and Performance Tested Brands! Reliability and Performance are vital factors to any Solar Installation, If these are not adhered to, You may find yourself Purchasing a new or additional system in the near future!

Best Price is NOT always best ADVICE!



JaGo Solar Solutions (Pty) Ltd was born from a Dream and a Vision I have had since the age of 16. 

From 2019 I started my Career in the Electrical Field and worked my way up to Construction site foreman, only to delve deeper into the Specialized field of Earthing, Lightning, and Surge Protection where I worked my way up the ranks.

Designs, Specifications, Certificates, All done by myself as Covid-19 Hit us all by Massive Surprise I came back to Johannesburg, where I then got involved with a solar company during Stage 3 Lockdown. Being in a new field of expertise, stealing knowledge with my eyes and ears and encounters onsite I worked my way into an EPC Solar Company.

I was now officially responsible for Specifications, Designs, Load Logging and Capturing of graphical data + Interpretation. Engineers, People with Years of Experience in the solar industry and Professional Leaders in the Field each taught me something and together with my Electrical experience which was also vastly spread out within the Trade, JaGo Solar Solutions was born. A company Based off of Key Principles that are not always adhered to these days. a Company to stand for:

  • Professionalism

  • Precision

  • Calculated and Accurate

  • Neat

  • Strict adherence to the SANS Codes in the various applicable Standards

  • Accountability

  • Reassurance 

  • After Market Services and Monitoring

  • 2 - 4 Year Recurring Servicing of Systems as per SAPVIA Guidelines

  • Flexible to Client Demands + Budgetary Constraints

Individuals that form the core crew of JaGo Solar Solutions today have each been selected keeping these KEY VALUES at heart and together have formed what is known as Jago Solar Solutions (Pty) Ltd today.

We Strive for Excellence, Customer Satisfaction and Assurance and Aim to give Professional and Warranted Designs and Installations.

We also cater for various scenarios and circumstances with our new Range of Affordable Portable Back-Up Solutions for those Core Needs, such as Television, Wifi, Cellphone Charging and basic LED Lighting.

Internal Warranties are also provided by us, to not only provide You the Client (End-User) Piece of Mind but also to promote the Quality Assurance we aim to provide and uphold!

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Coming Soon!!

CEO & Founder

Jaun Schoultz

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